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You've Earned It. So Why Wait?

You should have access to your direct deposit earnings when you need them. Now introducing Accelerate, a feature that enables you to receive your direct deposit funds up to three days sooner. Best of all, there's no need to register or enroll. This service will be instantly activated when you set up a direct deposit to your Rewards, EDU or Thrive Checking Account.



Man and woman returning home after purchasing groceries with Accelerate

Why Accelerate?

You're making money moves and planning for the future, and we're here to support your financial goals every step of the way. Accelerate makes it easy to enjoy more financial flexibility.

As a SouthEast Bank customer, you can expect top-quality banking products, as well as exceptional customer service each time you visit our branches. Accelerate is simply another way for us to offer you simple, secure access to your money when you need it. After all, you've earned it.

  • Who is eligible for Accelerate?

    Accelerate is available to SouthEast Bank customers with at least one of the following personal checking accounts:

    • Rewards Checking
    • EDU Checking
    • Thrive Checking

    SouthEast Bank customers enjoy a blend of personable, community-focused service as well as modern banking amenities. To learn more about these accounts, or to apply for an account online now, click the links below.



  • Do I need to sign up for Accelerate?

    Accelerate is a direct deposit advancement program that makes your direct deposit funds available to you up to three days sooner than they normally would be. There's no registration, enrollment or catch! It's simply another great feature for SouthEast Bank customers to enjoy. When you open a Rewards, EDU or Thrive Checking account, you'll have automatic access to this feature. 

  • Last month I got my check early, but this month I didn't. Why?

    Deposits are posted on the day we are notified of the incoming payment. If the payer did not send the notification as early as the previous month, then the funds would not be posted early.

  • If a payment is posted early can the payer still retract the submission?

    Yes. They have until the posting date to retract the payment. If the payment is retracted, SouthEast Bank will debit the account.