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SouthEast Bank Blogs and Resources

Here you will find blogs and articles to help you through every step of your financial journey. From teaching kids about money to banking security, our Learning Center is your source for financial answers and guidance.


Student Athlete of the Week: April 9, 2021

We're "sprinting" toward the weekend, and it's time to recognize another SouthEast Bank Student Athlete of the Week! Each week, we highlight an exceptional local athlete, chosen by his or her school, who is a leader both on their team and in the community. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | April 9, 2021


Thankful Thursday: East Tennessee PBS

If you grew up in East Tennessee, odds are, you're familiar with today's Thankful Thursday organization. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | April 8, 2021


Dollars & Sense: Are Debit Cards More Secure Than Cash?

When it comes to spending your money, plastic is often more convenient than cash. But security is another important factor in determining whether or not you should use your debit card instead of cash for your everyday purchases.  Read More.

SouthEast Bank | April 7, 2021


Get to Know Steve Forgey

There’s no question why our customers enjoy working with Steve Forgey. He leads with integrity and works hard to meet customers’ banking needs. It’s clear that Forgey genuinely enjoys supporting both his team and bank visitors in achieving their goals. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | April 6, 2021

Money Management

5 Reasons to Use eStatements

Whether it’s using direct deposit for your paycheck, making automatic payments from a digital account, or budgeting with mobile apps, you likely do some part of your banking online. Read More.

Kat Tretina | April 5, 2021