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SouthEast Bank Blogs and Resources

Here you will find blogs and articles to help you through every step of your financial journey. From teaching kids about money to banking security, our Learning Center is your source for financial answers and guidance.


Get to Know Ryan Harpe

One of the special things about our East and Middle Tennessee communities are the personal connections we make with our customers. Our exceptional employees take the time to learn about and support customers’ banking needs. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | June 14, 2021


SouthEast Stories: AVM Enterprises

Betsy Samuel understands what it means to run a family business. Read More.

Mark Alewine | June 8, 2021


Get to Know Kendra Carr

SouthEast Bank strives to offer the best possible customer service, and our hardworking employees go above and beyond to make that goal a reality. This week, during our “Get to Know” blog series, we are happy to introduce our Spring City head teller, Kendra Carr. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | June 7, 2021

Money Management

What Is a Business Credit Score?

As a business owner, your access to capital is crucial to both the survival and growth of your small business. But getting access to financing when you need it can be difficult, especially when you're first starting out.  Read More.

Ben Luthi | June 6, 2021


Thankful Thursday: The Kidney Foundation of the Greater Chattanooga Area

This week, we’re excited to recognize The Kidney Foundation of the Greater Chattanooga Area! Founders Dr. Jackson Yium and Milli Yium brought nephrology, the branch of medicine that deals with physiology and kidney diseases, to the Chattanooga area in the 1970s. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | June 3, 2021