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SouthEast Stories: BelieveRx

SouthEast Stories: BelieveRx

SouthEast Bank| April 15, 2021
SouthEast Stories: BelieveRx

Ellen Phillips and Monty Roark have a vision of how a local pharmacy can impact the health of the community.

Together, these two experienced pharmacists have created BelieveRx, a holistic approach to the classic pharmacy. Located in West Knoxville, Ellen and Monty have built a team on the priorities of good service, quality care, competitive prices, and knowledge and expertise.

“We at BelieveRx simply wanted to bring back what pharmacy and food service originally meant to the community,” says Monty.

BelieveRx serves many functions for its patients and customers. As a full-service pharmacy, the staff can provide pharmaceutical services with the convenience of a pharmacy dropbox and even home delivery after hours.

However, the team at BelieveRx goes far beyond just filling needed prescriptions. From a holistic perspective, Ellen and Monty work to provide for any needs a patient may have. That means offering nutritional food options like fresh-made smoothies and juices, as well as stocking multiple health, nutrition, and weight loss products, including Terry Naturally, Blender Bombs, Local Honey, Elderberry and Keto products.

The pair said that they aim to offer their customers the latest in health and wellness options by staying up-to-date on new products as they become available.

“We believe in staying constantly on the forefront of medical technology to help prevent diseases, increase overall health and wellness, promote weight loss and nutrition, and continue to provide new services to stay ahead of the game,” says Monty.

As word continues to build around the community about BelieveRx, SouthEast Bank has partnered with this growing company to enable Monty and Ellen’s team of pharmacists, nutritionists, and nurse practitioners to stay at the forefront of the medical world in the Knoxville area.

“SouthEast Bank has been an indispensable asset to our business,” says Monty. “They have provided many financial strategies to help us save money as well as provide means to accept more forms of payment. Linda Lamm {at the Hardin Valley branch} has been exceptional and a wonderful partner and friend to us here at BelieveRx.”

While the team at BelieveRx has its sights set on continued growth, its partnership with SouthEast Bank will continue providing financial support as the company works to change how the community sees what’s possible at your local pharmacy.