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Safe & Secure: Why Device Software Updates Are So Important

Safe & Secure: Why Device Software Updates Are So Important

Safety & Security
SouthEast Bank| March 5, 2021
Safe & Secure: Why Device Software Updates Are So Important

Safe & Secure: Why Device Software Updates Are So Important

Don’t overlook the fact that technology is rapidly changing. In order to keep your personal information safe and secure and enjoy your device to its fullest potential, you must update it regularly. We’re not advocating buying a new phone every six months, but it’s imperative to check your computer, tablet or smartphone to make sure you’re on the latest operating software and the latest versions of your internet browsers and mobile apps. 

SouthEast Bank’s Mobile App and Online Banking require the following minimum versions below in order to help keep you and your data safe. Upgrade to these software versions to ensure your mobile and online banking experience is exceptional. 

Quick reference:

Note: You can also update your SouthEast Bank Mobile App by visiting the Apple or Google Stores and searching for “SouthEast Bank”.

Not sure how to perform software updates? 

Choose your device from the list below and follow the steps. Keep in mind, you may be able to select automatic updates so you never have to worry about your device falling behind. 

At SouthEast Bank, your safety and security is our top priority, and because of that, we’ve prepared three reasons why it’s important to keep your devices up-to-date. 

1.    Technology Advances and so do Fraudsters

Cybercriminals are not using the same tricks that worked five years ago. They’re constantly using new methods for accessing your data and personal information. In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission received 3.2 million reports of fraud totaling 1.9 billion in losses. Not only that – it’s estimated that the entire cybercrime industry generated around 1.5 trillion in revenue in 2018. To put that into perspective, the GDP of Australia in 2019 was 1.4 trillion. They’re using social media, emails, apps and unsecure websites to access your personal information.


2.    Software Updates Protect Against Flaws

With the speed at which technology advances and the number of people who buy smart devices, flaws are to be expected. No device is 100% secure, so manufacturers send routine upgrades to your device to fix flaws that could put you at risk. It’s inevitable that as soon as a product is released, “bugs” are discovered in the software that may not have been apparent during the design and development process. By following the manufacturers’ guidelines on system updates, you’re making your phone, desktop or tablet more complete and able to run as it was designed, which brings us to the next point.


3.    It’s Not All About Virus Protection

Software Updates go far in protecting against cybercriminal attacks and fixing “bugs,” but they also introduce new features that can make for a more enjoyable experience. Let’s face it, with the cost of technology these days, you deserve to be “wowed” more frequently than at the check-out line. Whether it’s in the form of stability measures to make sure your favorite app doesn’t crash or the speed at which you can stream TV shows, software updates keep your device working properly. 

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