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SouthEast Bank Blogs and Resources

Here you will find blogs and articles to help you through every step of your financial journey. From teaching kids about money to banking security, our Learning Center is your source for financial answers and guidance.

Small Business

8 Tips for Managing Small Business Overhead Costs

As you prepare to start or grow your venture, it’s essential to understand your overhead cost for your small business. Overhead for a small business depends on the type of business you have and the products and services you provide.  Read More.

Miranda Marquit | May 6, 2022


Athlete of the Week: April 29, 2022

As the semester wraps up, we're excited to announce another incredible group of Athletes of the Week! Learn more about this week's featured student-athletes below: Read More.

SouthEast Bank | April 29, 2022

Money Management

How to Manage Your First Salary: Tips for Recent College Graduates

After years of hard work — and entirely too many late-night study sessions — you finally have graduated from college and have gotten your first job. Congratulations! That’s a huge achievement.  Read More.

Kat Tretina | April 27, 2022


Get to Know the Hardin Valley Team

Meet the Hardin Valley team! This dedicated group is passionate about helping their customers achieve their financial goals. This week, they took some time to share a little bit about themselves and their experience serving the Hardin Valley community.  Read More.

April 27, 2022

Money Management

How Much Money Should You Keep in Your Checking Account

Your checking account is what you regularly use to pay your bills. The median value of all checking and savings accounts was $5,300 as of 2019, the last available data reported by the Federal Reserve. Read More.

Kat Tretina | April 25, 2022