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SouthEast Stories: Bliss Home

SouthEast Stories: Bliss Home

SouthEast Bank| August 13, 2021
SouthEast Stories: Bliss Home

Hand-Picked Furnishings With Heart

If you’re looking for high-quality, stylish furniture with flair, then it’s time to visit Scott Schimmel and Lisa Sorensen, the owners of Bliss Home

The entrepreneurial couple says they opened their first shop in Knoxville in 2003 with the goal of providing area residents with hand-picked, budget-friendly home furnishing options that weren’t available anywhere else. 

“I lived in Italy for 10 years,” said Sorensen, “And I was inspired by the beautiful European shops that they have. I thought, ‘We can also bring something interesting and different to Knoxville.’”

Today, if you visit any of the pair’s three Bliss Home locations spanning Tennessee and Kentucky, you’re certain to enjoy the warm, modern pieces they feature.

“We’re always looking for fresh, exciting designs that people can’t get at regular big-box stores,” said Schimmel. “We spend a lot of time going to different trade shows and shopping all over for items that are unique… we want to deliver good value and a good quality product.”

Scott Schimmel and Lisa Sorensen

Making a Personal Connection

Schimmel and Sorensen also say that running their business gives them the opportunity to get to know the community in a whole new way. From their employees to their regular customers, the pair sees operating Bliss Home as a chance to invest in everyone who walks through their doors.

“A lot of our best friends now we met while working at the store,” said Sorensen. “It’s always fun to develop a relationship with your customers and become friends with them. It’s nice when you find a furniture store that understands your style… and they’re there to help you.”

Bliss Home decor

Always Moving Forward

Like many small businesses, the couple faced new challenges in the wake of COVID-19. Schimmel and Sorensen shared that many products became more difficult to find as manufacturers’ production slowed down.

In spite of the changes, however, the pair has pressed forward with the same drive and determination they’ve exhibited in every stage of their business journey. And, true to brand, they’ve worked tirelessly to ensure high-quality, seamless delivery for customers throughout the pandemic.

“That has been our goal for the past year,” said Sorensen. “We’re still ordering furniture all the time hoping to meet the demand for the customers and have the product ready.”

Small businesses have always been a cornerstone of our communities, and during every stage of the pandemic, local business owners like Schimmel and Sorensen have gone above and beyond to serve their customers.

Bliss pillow featuring Knoxville

Taking a Leap of Faith

Initially, Schimmel and Sorensen shared, they were hesitant to transition from a national to a local bank. After making the switch, however, the pair said they couldn’t be happier. They explained that their lender, Alice, always goes out of her way to ensure an excellent experience.

“It was a little bit of a leap for us,” said Schimmel. “But Alice, {our lender}, did such a great job… it was as if she was right down the street.”

Schimmel and Sorensen shared that they’re immensely satisfied with the service they’ve received from Alice and the SouthEast Bank team so far.

“We could go on and on about Alice,” said Schimmel. “She’s just wonderful.”

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