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SouthEast Bank celebrates innovative investment in Tennessee schools during financial literacy month.

SouthEast Bank| April 6, 2021

Knoxville, TENNESSEE – In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, SouthEast Bank announced that its schools-based financial education program is making a positive impact on students’ understanding of critical financial topics in Middle and East Tennessee. 

“Data shows that rigorous financial education delivered early in a young person’s development leads to positive financial behaviors later in life,” said Monty Montgomery, President of SouthEast Bank. “By providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to make smart financial decisions, we are investing in the future economic well-being of the communities we serve in Middle and East Tennessee.”

SouthEast Bank has partnered with EverFi to bring the program to local students at no cost to schools or taxpayers. SouthEast Bank Financial Scholars features an interactive new-media learning platform specifically designed to introduce financial literacy skills early in a child’s cognitive development.

The 6 hour curriculum for high school aged students is a challenging but engaging course that aligns with state and national financial education standards. It offers an in-depth and age appropriate view into topics such as banking, budgeting, savings, payment types, credit and debt, income, investing, and financing higher education.

The platform uniquely tracks the progress and performance of every student.

Students who completed EverFi’s financial literacy programs increased their scores on financial literacy assessments from a D average to a B+. In the critical areas of understanding and monitoring credit, and financing higher education, twice as many high school students report feeling prepared to manage their financial futures after participating in the program.

SouthEast Bank Financial Scholars is a web-based interactive course designed to empower young people with the essential skills needed to make sound financial decisions. SouthEast Bank has partnered with leading education technology company EverFi to bring this interactive program to 67 schools across Middle and East Tennessee since 2012 at no cost to schools. 

About SouthEast Bank: SouthEast Bank has become a premiere Tennessee financial institution by delivering exceptional quality, service, and innovative banking products to its clients. Our experienced staff diligently serves our communities with integrity and a sense of pride by offering exceptional service and value to not only our customers, but also the community as a whole. Because we are operated by local employees who live and work alongside the people we serve, SouthEast Bank is a true community bank that uses state of the art technology both inside and outside of our branches to reinvest in our schools, organizations, and neighborhoods.

About EverFi: EverFi, Inc. is the leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing, and certifying K-12 and college students in the critical skills they need for life. The company teams with major corporations and foundations to provide the programs at no cost to K-12 schools. Some of America’s leading CEOs and venture capital firms are EverFi investors including Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Twitter founder Evan Williams, and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. Learn more at everfi.com.