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EDU Checking

Simple, Secure and made for Students.

Introducing EDU Checking, a rewards checking account that gives you cashback on debit card purchases*.  Enjoy 24/7 fraud protection and alerts, plus the convenience of easily sending P2P payments to friends, automatic bill pay, mobile deposits, and free access to over 55,000 ATMs worldwide. Best of all, pay no monthly service charge when signed up for eStatements! 

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Student checking that's oh so rewarding.

Designed for students aged 13-24, EDU Checking offers a reward of $.10 credited to your account for each qualifying SouthEast debit card purchase*, but we didn't stop there. Enjoy the added bonus of having no minimum monthly balance and the safety and security of SouthEast Verifi — our free 24/7 fraud protection program.

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Terms and Conditions:

*CashBack Rewards: When the Eligibility Requirements described below are met, the account will receive CashBack Rewards on Qualifying Transactions in the following amount: ten cents ($0.10) per SouthEast Debit Card point-of-sale transaction that posts to and clears the account during the Reward Period. ATM transactions are not included when calculating the number of Qualifying Transactions and are not paid CashBack Rewards. CashBack Reward will be calculated and credited to the account on the first business day of each calendar month following the calendar month in which the Qualifying Transactions occur. SouthEast Bank may change the CashBack Rewards amount, Eligibility Requirements, and/or Qualifying Transactions at any time.

Rewards Eligibility Requirements: To qualify for CashBack Rewards during any Reward Period, both of the following two qualifications must be met: (i) the account must have a minimum of fifteen (15) Qualifying Transactions, and (ii) the account must be enrolled to receive E-Statements. 

Qualifying Transactions: Qualifying Transactions are SouthEast Bank Debit Card point-of-sale transactions that post to and are paid from the account during the Reward Period. Pending or pre-authorized debit card transactions do not qualify for CashBack Rewards. CashBack Rewards for all transactions will be paid at the end of the Rewards Period in which final payment is posted to your account. ATM Transactions are not Qualifying Transactions.

Rewards Period: The Reward Period begins on the first calendar day after the last business day of the prior month and ends on the last business day of the current calendar month.

Forfeiture of CashBack Rewards: If the account is closed or changed to another product before CashBack Rewards have been credited, all accrued but unpaid CashBack Rewards will be forfeited.

Failure to Qualify for CashBack Rewards: If the account does not qualify for CashBack Rewards during a Reward Period, all other account terms and conditions still apply. If SouthEast Bank has a valid e-mail address on file for the account it may, as a courtesy, but is not required to notify you using your e-mail address that the account did not qualify for the CashBack Rewards during that Reward Period. SouthEast Bank reserves the right not to provide notification of failure to qualify for CashBack Rewards for any reason, including the lack of a valid e-mail address associated with the account. 

Age Requirements: The Primary Account holder must be between the ages of 13 - 24 to open this account. At Age 25, this account must converted to another SouthEast Bank Checking product. Accounts owned by customers between the ages of 13 – 17 must include a Joint Owner age 18 or older.

*Fees: No Fees will be assessed for account holders age 13 – 24 (e-statement required). There will be a paper statement fee of $3 assessed if not enrolled in eStatements; paper statement fee will be waived with a monthly average balance of $1,200. Overdraft/Returned item fees may apply. Please see the full Fee Schedule for any other fees that may be imposed in connection with this account.