SouthEast Bank Financial Compass is a free, integrated personal finance manager that makes organizing your money easier than ever. If you've ever felt lost trying to create a budget or track spending and savings goals, SouthEast Bank Financial Compass can point you in the right direction!

Linked Accounts

Your SouthEast Bank accounts will already be visible when you open online banking, and you can quickly add external accounts (including mortgages, credit cards, investments, and more) to show a complete financial picture. Just simply click Link Account to enter your external account information. Once you add your external accounts, you will be able to see account balances and transactions for both external and internal accounts.

Categorize Your Transactions

Financial Compass can help you better manage your finances by presenting information in ways that identify trends and assist with budget tracking. Your expenditures will automatically be placed in budget categories, and you can also create other categories for greater detail.

Financial Goals

Financial Compass also helps you get to a financial goal. You can follow your net worth over time, set budgets, and track progress each month. As each month progresses, you will see indications on how close you are to hitting your goals, see trends in your savings and spending, track debt, and get a clear picture on how making additional payments can impact debt over time.