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Money Management

Financial Security: Keep These 6 Things at Home

If you’ve had your identity stolen, you know that rectifying the situation can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Read More.

Kat Tretina | September 17, 2021

Money Management

What’s the Difference Between Money Market Accounts and Savings Accounts?

You work hard for your money. Shouldn’t your money work just as hard for you? As you set aside money for your future, thinking about where to store it can help you maximize your cash.  Read More.

Kat Tretina | September 16, 2021

Money Management

7 Financial Pitfalls to Watch Out For

Managing your money can be challenging, but the reward is almost always worth it. As you work toward your savings goals to establish the lifestyle you want, it's important to watch out for financial pitfalls that can keep you from accomplishing them. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | September 13, 2021

Money Management

7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Bank Account

Chances are, you don’t check your bank account every day. Your paycheck gets deposited into your checking account, you may set aside some money in your savings account — but that’s about it. Sound familiar?  Read More.

Kat Tretina | August 1, 2021

Money Management

Achieve Goals Faster With These 5 Budgeting Strategies

When it comes to budgeting, there are a seemingly infinite number of strategies to try. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | July 29, 2021

Money Management

7 Money Conversations You Should Have When You’re In a Relationship

You spend too much money on video games.  Read More.

Kat Tretina | July 27, 2021

Money Management

My Budget Isn't Working. Now What?

Maintaining a budget can be one of the most effective ways to manage your money and work toward your financial goals. Read More.

Ben Luthi | July 22, 2021

Money Management

Simple Solutions for a Wallet-Friendly Vacation

During the summer months, you may feel inspired to plan a family vacation. Before you set out on your next adventure, though, it’s important to review a few best practices for saving money on vacation. Read More.

South East Bank | July 15, 2021

Money Management

The 5 Safest Ways to Invest Your Money

If you’re worried about market fluctuations or a potential recession, you may not have any investments. But just leaving your money in a checking account — or tucked inside a safe at home — isn’t always the best strategy. Read More.

Kat Tretina | July 7, 2021

Money Management

6 Ways to Save Time With Digital Banking

If you love the convenience of banking from your phone or computer, you’re not alone. Read More.

Kat Tretina | June 28, 2021