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Home Mortgages

How Much Are Closing Costs in TN Right Now?

Whether you are buying or selling your home in Tennessee, moving is an exciting but sometimes stressful period in life. There’s a lot to consider, especially when it comes to the cost of purchasing a new home. Buyers know that closing costs are expected, but what about sellers? Read More.

SouthEast Bank | September 6, 2022

Home Mortgages

What Types of Mortgage Loans Are Available in Tennessee?

When buying a home, most people need a mortgage. Getting a mortgage in Tennessee doesn’t need to be difficult, however. There are several different types of home loans in Tennessee. Read More.

Miranda Marquit | April 21, 2022

Home Mortgages

What Is Included in Closing Costs in Tennessee?

You’ve found the perfect home, you have a down payment saved and you’re ready to make an offer. But wait - before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important to calculate the closing costs you’ll be responsible for. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | December 30, 2021

Home Mortgages

5 Questions Tennessee Homeowners Should Ask Before Refinancing

The Tennessee housing market is booming. The median sales price is up nearly 16% year-over-year, partially driven by low mortgage rates. Read More.

Kat Tretina | November 9, 2021

Home Mortgages

A Beginner's Guide to Mortgage Loan Refinancing

Refinancing your mortgage loan can come with a lot of benefits, especially if you have a specific goal in mind. Here are a few of the benefits of refinancing your mortgage loan, plus the steps you can take to make it happen. Read More.

Kat Tretina | January 19, 2022

Home Mortgages

A Guide to the Housing Market in East Tennessee

Whether you’ve lived in Tennessee for years or are planning to relocate, you know how desirable the state is right now. Read More.

Kat Tretina | January 9, 2022

Home Mortgages

5 Top Tips for Buying a House In A Seller’s Market

If you’re looking for your dream home, it’s important to bring your financial A-game, especially while the market is hot. Read More.

Kat Tretina | January 17, 2022

Home Mortgages

Is Now the Right Time to Refinance Your Home?

As the pandemic and its effects on the economy have tightened budgets, many folks across East Tennessee and the nation have spent more time searching for ways to save money. One popular way has been mortgage loan refinancing. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | February 22, 2021

Home Mortgages

5 Tips for Reducing Stress When Buying Your First Home

Purchasing your first home can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it also can be fairly stressful. Making sure you're prepared from the very beginning of your house hunt can relieve a lot of stress. Read More.

SouthEast Bank | January 5, 2021

Home Mortgages

7 Signs You Are Ready to Buy Your First Home

If you're tired of renting and you're ready to put down roots, purchasing your first home can be an exciting milestone. However, it's also a huge financial commitment that you should adequately prepare for ahead of time. Here are seven signs that you're ready to buy your first home: Read More.

SouthEast Bank | January 19, 2021