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Managing your debit and credit cards is easier than ever.

You're in control with CardValet.

Keeping track of your SouthEast Bank debit and credit cards has never been easier than with CardValet. Whether you’re managing business expenses, a family budget or operating several personal cards, we’re here to make your experience as effortless as possible. With the CardValet app, you can protect your cards from fraud, set spending limits and more. Here are a few in-app capabilities to explore:

  • Lock and unlock your cards with the tap of a button
  • View your account balances and spending insights
  • Opt-in to receive alerts about when, where and how your cards are used
  • Set geographical and merchant-based transaction controls
  • Set a maximum purchase limit to prohibit over-spending

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Protect Your Card from Fraud with CardValet

Protect From Fraud

Quickly lock and unlock cards anytime.

Manage Your Budget with CardValet

Manage Your Budget

Set spending limits on purchases.

Monitor Your Spending with CardValet

Monitor Spending

Receive transaction alerts about family spending.

Use Mobile Banking with CardValet

Check Account Balances

Easily view your account balances in real-time.

Manage Business Spending with CardValet

Manage Business Spending

Set merchant controls to keep all your cards on-budget.

Manage Multiple Cards with CardValet

Monitor Multiple Cards

Add multiple cards to track spending quickly and easily.

Getting Started With CardValet

CardValet’s user-friendly interface makes managing multiple cards a breeze, and as a SouthEast Bank customer, you have access to all the app’s features. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download CardValet from the Apple or Google Play stores.
  2. Create a new account by entering your card number on the screen provided, then confirming your security information on the following screen.
  3. Enter the security token sent to the email address associated with your card.
  4. Create a username and password, then agree to CardValet’s terms and conditions.

After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to log into the app and begin using CardValet. 


CardValet for Business

Looking for an easier way to manage multiple business debit cards? CardValet is a fantastic tool for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Click below to visit our CardValet for Business webpage to see how this free app can help you streamline day-to-day money management. 


Digital Banking

In addition to CardValet, SouthEast Bank offers several digital and mobile banking options, so you can manage your finances anywhere, anytime.

Click below to explore the many ways you can bank from your computer or mobile device.