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Treasury Management
SouthEast Bank Treasury Management Services

Save time and money by taking advantage of SouthEast Bank's ACH network and electronic funds transfer. Our services will help you manage your cash and your business more effectively.

Remote Deposit

Save yourself time and unnecessary trips to the bank by submitting your deposits electronically. Simply sign on to our secure website, scan checks, and you're done. You are notified of returns in two days and you always have copies of your deposited items - just a mouse click away! SouthEast Bank supplies the scanner and onsite training. It's like having a bank teller inside your place of business!

Merchant Services

Merchant Services will provide payment options and enable your business to choose from a wide variety of advanced processing technologies including wireless, internet and PC-based options. These options will simplify your business operations and increase revenue.

Positive Pay

Minimize check fraud losses with SouthEast Bank Positive Pay services. With Positive Pay, you can review check activity prior to payment to the bank and return fraudulent checks before they are cleared against your account. You can easily transmit issue daily files and exception reports via our Online Banking system.

Direct Deposit

You can pay your employees for their payroll, reimbursements and pension payments directly to their checking or savings account at any bank.

Direct Debit

You can direct debit your customers' accounts for monthly bills.

Benefits of Treasury Management Services

  • Banking transactions can be performed at your place of business - no more trips to the bank.
  • Funds are collected sooner.
  • Notification of NSF or Account Closed checks within 2 business days.
  • You can initiate files up to 14 days in advance. File will process on requested effective date.
  • At the click of the mouse you have access to all your ACH banking activity.
  • Web based product - no purchase of software.

Stop by a SouthEast Bank branch and speak with one of our associates to find out more about the products and fees associated with our Treasury Management services.