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Get to Know the Hardin Valley Team

Community | April 27, 2022

Meet the Hardin Valley team! This dedicated group is passionate about helping their customers achieve their financial goals. This week, they took some time to share a little bit about themselves and their experience serving the Hardin Valley community. 

Branch manager Donovan Stapp started with SouthEast Bank in early 2022, and he said he's already feeling right at home in Hardin Valley. An East Tennessee native, Stapp said he enjoys getting to know his customers, and that he and his family love the Hardin Valley area.

"It is a growing community but still has that 'hometown' feel," Stapp said. "It is also a great place to raise a family."

After hearing from all of the members of the Hardin Valley branch, there's no question why they care so greatly for this quickly-growing community and its residents.


Donovan Stapp

Hometown: Lenoir City, TN | Years of Banking Experience: 8

What is a fun fact that someone may not know about you?
I've been a magician for 18 years.

If you could travel to one place you've never been, where would you choose and why?
I would love to go to Australia. It seems like a great place to see all types of wildlife and nature. 

What initially drew you to SouthEast Bank, or to banking in general?
Finances have a huge impact on peoples' lives, so I loved the ability to help people in the area that impacts so many others. 


Robyn Leitch

Hometown: Spotsylvania, VA | Years of Banking Experience: 8

What do you like about the Hardin Valley community? 
The best part of Hardin  Valley is watching this amazing community grow right before our eyes.  The bank was one of the first businesses in this area, and it has grown so much. 

Is there anything you’d like to share about your family or pets?
I have been married to my best friend for 14 years and have two adorable children, Savannah Grace and Levi Gracen.

What is one goal you'd like to accomplish this year?
Buy a new car!


Paige Stutler

Hometown: Chicago, IL | Years of Banking Experience: 1 month

Is there anything you’d like to share about your family or pets?
My parents are incredible! My dad is a radio DJ and program director at a local station here in Knoxville. I also have a younger brother and a beautiful Pitbull mix named Moseby. 

How long have you lived/worked in Hardin Valley?
I’ve worked in the valley for about a month. I do enjoy meeting the people of this community and forming relationships with them!

What is one goal you'd like to accomplish this year?
By the end of the year, I want to have completed at least one course in American Sign Language. 


Alyssa Cook

Hometown: Englewood, TN | Years of Banking Experience: 8 months

What do you like about the Hardin Valley community?
I love how it's part of a bigger city but still feels like a small town. Even though I've only worked here for a short time, I have already made so many friends and know so many familiar faces.  

Is there anything you'd like to share about your family or pets?
I have a very large family back home I spend most of my time with. I recently got married in December 2021 to my best friend of 7 years. I also have a 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Meka, who is my whole world! 

What is one thing you enjoy about banking (or about your branch)?
The customers, I love talking and people!


We love serving the Hardin Valley community and aim to provide our customers with the best possible banking service daily. Thanks for getting to know some of the people who make SouthEast Bank a great place to be!


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